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Luxi Drive

Seat Buddy™

Seat Buddy™

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Introducing the Luxi Drive Seat Buddy™ 🚗: the ultimate solution to your car clutter problems! 🎉

Tired of 📱 dropping between the seats? Frustrated with messy charger cords? Say goodbye to those woes with Seat Buddy™! 💫

🔥 Features:

  • Cupholder + Phone Holder + Phone Charger all in one! 📱🥤⚡
  • Keep Your Essentials Handy: No more rummaging for keys or reaching for your phone while driving! 🚗🔑
  • Clutter-Free Charging: Say goodbye to messy cords with our seamless charging solution! 🙌
  • Easy Installation: Simply slide into your car's cupholder and secure your phone for a hassle-free journey! 💼

Don't let car clutter cramp your style. Upgrade to Seat Buddy™ today and experience the difference! ✨

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Hassle Free

With the Seat Buddy you never have to deal with those pesky cords while driving again! Easily charge any device with the provided Type-C and Lighting cable!